It was a beautiful fall day on the campus of Wellesley College.  Together with 60 other coaches, we spent the weekend reviewing the intricacies of being a track coach.  It made me think about how much I enjoyed track and how much it affected my desire to become a coach myself.  In the last ten years we have seen an explosion of road race participants.  People are finding ways to run, even though the claim to not be a “runner”.  It’s awesome to see people expanding their fitness goals and training for an event.  I hope to see track become as accessible to the recreational runner.  Track meets are a blast.  Your whole team gets to cheer you on during each event and its spectator friendly.  With a road race you see your friend as they run by and at the finish.  During a track meet your whole group is right there to see the entire race.  I think it’s time to do some recruiting!!