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Kickstart your workouts by hiring a professional.  Our 60 Minute private sessions are designed to challenge participants relevant to their goals.  Sign Up for a Free Workout to start your new routine.


Our lifting program centers around free weight training by using olympic barbells, dumb bells, and kettle bells. Learn beginner or advanced lifting techniques to gain strength and improve overall functional ability.


Our weight loss programs re-build your body from the ground up.  By adding lean muscle, improving strength, and changing your diet, your body will change from the inside out. With our programs you will begin to see results within the first few weeks of training.


Our program for runners is designed for performance. We offer customized cross training programs, coaching for technique, and race planning.  We have years of experience helping runners enjoy their first race or PR their 10th one.  We build your plan based on your current times and ability. 



Owner and Head Trainer Cody Harter is certified through the Titliest Performance Institute as a golf fitness instructor.  The TPI Golf Fitness program is second to none.  8 of the last 13 Major Championships were won by players advised by a TPI Certified Professional.  The TPI program utilizes the body swing connection to increase golf specific mobility, stability, and speed.  

What Our Customers are Saying

I went from not being able to even do a burpee to running 5Ks, lifting weights and having the body of my dreams (after having 5 kids!) Cody also incentivized me to venture into doing a sport to keep my motivation and love for fitness high and purposeful.


I joined this gym with the goal to reach a certain weight by the start of summer. I gained ~20 lbs in 8 months with the help of Cody and Im really happy with all the effort he put in to help me reach that goal.


“After leaving the ranch I had trouble continuing to lose weight.  Cody helped me get things back on track and lose another 60lbs. before the final weigh in.”


Biggest Loser Contestant

“I’ve followed many programs that helped me lose weight but it always seemed to come right back.  Cody’s programs are built to create a full body transformation.  You don’t just lose weight you get stronger and feel like a new person.”


“I thank Cody for helping me achieve my goal of running the Boston Marathon and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for personal training or a running coach.”


Emergency Department Social Worker

“I loved training for the Boston Marathon with Cody. This was my first marathon, and I would not have been able to do it without Cody’s help.”



“After years of back problems, I made the best decision I could’ve made and started working out at Harter Strength & Conditioning. The entire experience has been terrific.”


“I’ve improved and performed at levels I might never have aspired to reach without Cody’s guidance and support.”


Why Harter Strength & Conditioning?   Our workouts are designed to improve body compisition, performance, and overall fitness.  By training with us you are hiring a professional coach to lead you through every workout.  Big box gyms charge you an entry fee, and then you still have to pay for a trainer or specialized group classes.  When you train with us there is no entry fee.  You are paying for Real Results, and Top Notch Coaching. 

Results!  We are committed to your success.  In fact we live for it! It's what drives us to do what we do, and we look forward to seeing everyone reach their goals.  Tell us what your goal is, and we will help you target your workouts to ensure you hit the mark.  You can alter your workout by choosing advanced versions of an exercise, choosing the proper weight, and variations in tempo.  We will coach you during our workouts to make choices relevant to your goals.  

Personal Training Rates

Hire a professional

Real Results, Top Notch Coaching.

 Our program supports all levels of individuals looking to take their fitness programs to the next level. Our training systems are designed to maximize performance and results. This is great for weight loss, strength, injury prevention, and overall fitness improvement.  Our personal training program is a 5 phase system that is designed to keep your body adapting to demands of each workout. Custom programs can be tailored to improve overall strength & conditioning, aid in weight loss or body compisition changes, or matched with a sport to aid year round deveolpment.  We also work with runners to create race plans in conjuction with strength programs to create a full training system. 

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