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We organize our classes to guarantee a private training feel in a group training format.  We keep our group workouts small (10-12 participants) to keep the coach to participant ratio low.  Unlike many group classes, you will be coached and get personalized attention in each of our classes.  Our format was created to be coachable and user friendly.  We workout as a team and push each other to succeed.  Ask about our Student Membership Options.

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We recommend mixing your workouts between LIFT, HIIT, & MetCon for the best combination of Strength & Conditioning.  Our goal is to have you complete at least 2 LIFT workouts, 1 HIIT, & 1 MetCon over the course of a training week.  

What are you buying?

All of our classes are designed with both coaches and participants in mind. It allows us to ensure proper attention to detail in every class. Our workouts are well organized to provide optimum coach to participant connection. In our workouts you can rest assured that you will be adequately pushed to reach your goals, and coached to use the proper technique in every class.


We are committed to your success.  In fact we live for it! It’s what drives us to do what we do, and we look forward to seeing everyone reach their goals.  Tell us what your goal is, and we will help you target your workouts to ensure you hit the mark.  Train for an event, get ripped, or improve your health & fitness.  Whatever your goals are, we can help you tailor our program to maximise results.

Work as a Team.

We are here to change your life for the better.  Our goal is to teach you new skills and integrate you into our program.  We push each other to succeed and have fun working out as a community. Why go at it alone when you can make it a team effort?  Joining our gym is not just working out its being a part of something that can make you better.

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Kickstart your workouts by hiring a professional personal trainer.  Our 55 Minute private personal training sessions are designed to challenge participants relevant to their goals.  At our Plano, Texas gym, you can start from the beginning or jump in for one of the toughest workouts you can handle.  It’s up to you!

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Sign up below to claim your Free 7 Day Unlimited Group Workout Pass at our Gym in Plano Texas. We offer two main class types.  HIIT, a high speed conditioning class, and LIFT, a barbell based strength class. We keep the intensity up, the motivation flowing and coach good form.  We workout as a team and push each other to succeed at our gym.  See Below for information on Personal Training.

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