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Are you planning to run a Half or Full Marathon in the Fall? Join Harter Strength & Conditioning for our 16 week fall training program. By signing up, you will receive our 16 week program that has a 3, 4, or, 5 day running schedule. Participants will also receive discounts on training workshops held at Harter Strength & Conditioning.
During the training season, organized runs will be held at 5:30am on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings in Allen near Watters Creek. Exact locations will be provided from coaches upon registration. Our first practice and fall kick off will be Tuesday, June 19th at 5:30 am at the Allen High School Track. If you can’t make that workout, you are welcome to join at a later date.
 This program is a great training tool for races held the first weekend of October, such as Chicago, through the fall race season. This program can also be extended to support runners doing NYC, USMC, DALLAS…etc. If you are interested in doing a 5k or 10k, we can also help you modify the mileage to match your training needs.

Private Coaching.

Custom programs are available via our private coaching program.  We also encourage our runners to do strength training workouts at least 2x per week to support their race plans.  Our HIIT & LIFT classes available through our gym, are a great cross training option for all runners.  For more info about our classes and private coaching visit the links below.


Fall Training Program.

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