Do you train for looks are train to live?  As the saying goes, looks can be deceiving.  As a coach I’ve always encouraged people to train for something more than the mirror.  That doesn’t mean you have to have a sport, it just means that you need a better reason.  Everyone wants to look good or at least feel good about how they look.  More often than not, if you push your self to be more competitive and improve in a number of physical skill sets, the mirror will tag along.  The great thing about training for something is that the looks that accompany your new skill wont fade nearly as easily.  The same is true for nutrition.  When your meals are based on fuel and recovery relevant to the work you have completed, missteps are not quite as noticeable.

Sign up for a race, learn a new skill, play a sport.  Pick something that requires a high level of fitness to excel in and apply your training to your goals.  If you give it your all, the mirror will reward you for your efforts.  I promise you the journey will also be far more rewarding.

-Cody Harter